Company Overview

Alterante Inc. is advancing the way people find and share their personal moments - photos, videos, and other personal creations. Alterante allows people to find and share files instantly between trusted devices, eliminating delays due to slow uploads and saving substantial time and effort.
Alterante is a universal file manager that puts all files at the user’s fingertips. With Alterante, individuals no longer need to remember where files are located, or need to upload their content into the cloud to make it accessible. All files are instantly searchable and accessible from any device, including mobile phones, tablets, computers, and entertainment consoles. Because the product runs on local devices and uses available local storage, no additional hardware is required.
Alterante Inc. is based in Menlo Park, California, founded in February 2013 by Alejandro Goyen. Prior to Alterante, Alejandro held Product Management positions at Google Inc. and Microsoft Corporation.

Contact Information

Phone: +1-650-265-7894
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Address: Alterante, Inc.
P.O. Box 2701
Menlo Park, CA 94025


Independent Reviews

Softpedia (Rated 4.5/5 stars): "This is a versatile and practical application that comes in handy for users who need to organize their files and access them from any device". Link
FindMySoft (Rated 5/5 stars): "Need a great tool to efficiently manage your files? Go get Alterante and you’ll see it will not disappoint!". Link


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