Always organized.

With Alterante, all your files are organized automatically for you.

Access any file, on any device, within seconds.

Open any file, without leaving your browser.

Use tags for easy access and sharing.


Access your entire file collection instantly -- all your photos, music, documents, and emails spread across your computers - with a simple, powerful search interface.

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View photos, watch movies, open documents, all without leaving your browser (we recommend Google Chrome). Share photos via email with just a few clicks, or launch a video on another PC. Need to edit a Word file? No problem! Just click Open and start editing in Microsoft Office within seconds.

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Forget folders and where your files are stored. All your files are automatically classified and tagged for you. Adding your own custom tags is easy - just select files, and associate them to your new tag.

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Hidden Files

Need to keep some of your files private? Just use hidden tags, and share the "secret word" with just the people you want.

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