Always protected.

Automatic and painless backups. Sync to all your devices, safely and privately.

Simple, automatic, painless backups.

Leverage all your free space available.

Keep all previous file versions.

Automatic Backups

Backups are very important, but also painful and tedious. With Alterante, all your files are backed up automatically. Just specify how many copies of files you want, and Alterante takes care of the rest!

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Free Backup

Why pay for extra storage? You already have plenty of space available, but it's scattered all over your laptops and desktops. Alterante analyzes your network and creates a single "jumbo" virtual drive for all your backups. That way, your files are stored multiple times, and you don't ever risk losing any files.

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File History

Need to revert back to a previous version of a file? No problem! Alterante keeps all the file history.

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Full Privacy

Your files are accessible any time, anywhere, yet stored safely in your own network. Your files are never stored in the cloud, unless you wish to do so. For example, you can optionally sync some of your files to cloud storage, including Amazon Cloud Drive, with just a few clicks.

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